So, what's on tap this weekend?

I have a few games I am still trying to get through.  Record of Agarest War Zero is definitely a time-sink, no doubt about it.  My backlog is building up pretty badly of late.  My daughter sent me these pictures though recently, and while I'm envious of the setup, I have to wonder what their backlog is like:

I have quite a few of those systems currently, though not in a setup quite like that.  In fact, most of my older consoles are upstairs in the kids' bedrooms or living room.  Once in a while I will bring one down, and hook it up in my den and play it, though. 

I am hoping to be Agarest this weekend.  I've gotten a bit more time in on Icarus and that should be two fairly new reviews for me in the near future.  I've also been poking at Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the PSN game Outland.  I am hoping to grab D3 sometime in the next week and change, so it would be ideal if I had several of my started games wrapped up before then.

This is that same person's game setup.  I have a lot of games but... sheesh...

I have a slew of posts ready to go over the next two weeks that I hope you will enjoy as well.  So, you know what games I plan to tackle.  What about you?  Sound off if you like - and I hope you have a great weekend!
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