Gaming thoughts 12/15/11 - Lots of Gaming

Here is one few people will feel sorry for me on - but it's hard to keep up with all those nice big games lately, isn't it? And with Christmas right around the corner, more will be rolling in, I assure you. Not that I don't already play too much (and some people like Coffee seem to believe I am a game tester for a living), but now that witner's settling in and I have some time off courtesy of work for the holidays, I plan to buckle down and play some more titles.

What have I been playing? Well, other than

Xbox 360:

- Risen
- Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (this in and of itself has several games in it)
- Castle Crashers


- Lunar (just an rpg to poke at when I'm in bed)


- Neverwinter Nights 2
- Grotesque Tactics 2
- Gyromancer
- King's Bounty - Crossworlds
- Neverwinter Nights 2


- Record of Agarest War
- Hydrophobia: Prophecy
- Several different PlayStation Minis
- Heavy Rain

On top of all that, I have been poking at my barely-breathing RPG Maker project, Summoner and my MUD as we usually have some holiday themed shenanigans on there for the players to participate in.

One question I have - I could post more blog posts, and have been scheduling them about every 3 days for the last several months. Is that pace good enough, or do people want to see them more often? The reason I'm unsure is because I went through a phase where I was doing posts every day, sometimes even a few a day, I got almost no comments during that period. I'm not sure if maybe I just had too much content for people to keep up with or not. Many times though, I have blog posts scheduled out a couple of weeks in advance, so I could definitely post more frequently if there was an interest.

Next question - what have you been playing? Do you have a glut of games forming a considerable backlog for you? I can't even begin to list them all out. While I do work for a software company, it is not Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega or Bioware - I just don't sleep a whole lot. Why? Too many games to play...
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