Madden 25 cover - Barry is the best

This gave me a grin when I read it. I am a big Madden fan, as most people here know. I also follow the NFL quite closely and am a huge homer, rooting for my Detroit Lions. I have been voting Barry throughout the contest, and he won.

For me, this is full of win on a couple of levels. Last year Lions fans had to sweat it out and worry that Calvin Johnson would succumb to the "Madden Curse" (turns out giant robots with the nickname Megatron are immune to the curse, because he only went on to set an NFL record). This is a big anniversary version of Madden (hence it is being called 25 and not 2014), featuring my favorite NFL player ever, and it is not as though he is playing anymore so he will not get hurt and goof up our season.

The Lions were unable to make the playoffs two years in a row, but the did manage to nab two years of Madden covers. That counts for something, right?

Also, I finally broke an Xbox Gamer Score of 25,000 and am nearly another level up on my PS3 trophies. I do not generally put a lot of effort into achievements and trophies, but that competitive little devil on my shoulder does like having a better score than most of my friends.

Also-also, I just wanted to shout out a quick 'thanks' to all of you that keep coming by to read. It took me about 3 years to get to 100,000 views on this site, and in about 3 months I have tacked on another 50,000 and see the numbers growing steadily by the month. It is really appreciated - so thank you!

Another review coming up tomorrow. Take care until then!
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