Game contest

I got a free copy of Cogs recently on Steam. Seeing as I already have it, I thought I would give it away on here. The rules? Very simple:

- first, you do need a Steam account so I have someone to give it to

- second, leave a comment below just stating you're interested in the game

- third, for an extra entry - follow me on Facebook here.

- lastly, for an addition entry - follow me on Twitter as well.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or already are) - feel free to email me your names so I can verify. You can email me at

Lastly - if you're curious about Cogs, it's a 3d puzzle game that you can find out more about here.

Really hoping to get some new follows, and just looking to share a free game. Also, some people who don't have Steam accounts might actually get one now. ;)
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