PSN up and running

Well, I finally got a chance to try and get my account squared away on it. The process was actually pretty simple - the toughest part for me was figuring out which PS3 (I have 2 of them) we originally created the account on. I was 4 of 5.

When we bought our first PS3, my wife and I - and I thought my son - had created our PS3 accounts on this PS3 #1. I went to log in, it asked me to create a new password (seems like the rules are a bit more stringent now - not a bad thing. 8 characters, letters and numbers, can't be the same as your old password). When I tried to log in my son's account, it said the directions to reset his password were emailed to him.

Then we went and checked his email, and it was easy to do via that form as well.

We made our way to PS3 #2 and configured both of my daughter's accounts. It all pushed through nice and easy. Looks like basic functionality is there. I haven't had a chance to actually play on it yet, but I was able to sync my trophies, which bumped me up to level 5 (which, looking at my card on my blog here, those may not be synced anymore. Might have to redo that), I had a message from a friend, and another friend showed up online as actively playing DC Universe Online - so it appears just about everything but the Store seems to be kicking along now (if you try to access the store, you get a message about it being under maintenance).

We're doing a bit of spring cleaning today, but already my son's saying he's going to play some Black Ops online, and my youngest is going to play Little Big Planet (my oldest couldn't care less - she plays video games about twice a month).

IGN had an interesting article asking people what the first thing they would do was going to be. Some of the answers ranged from predictable:

- Play Brink
- Play Portal 2
- Play Black Ops

To slightly less predictable:

- play my single-player games I fell in love with again during the outtage
- sync my trophies and watch my level (hopefully) rise up a few times

To ones that made me grin:

- change my PSN credit card info
- plug my ps3 back in

Me? I'll likely try to get some rounds of Mortal Kombat in later and just make a quick blog post in the next day or two about my online impressions since I didn't get to include that in my original article.
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