PSN starting to come up?

I stumbled onto an article at IGN that says the PSN should be getting restored today. So, I interrupt my regularly scheduled Potato Sack posts to comment on it in case anyone who reads this was interested. :P

So, there's a new firmware update, and it actually didn't take too long to download and installed - I've certainly seen larger. However, I was not yet able to verify my account. I've read that you will be asked to do so on the PS3 you created the account on, or if that fails/is not an option, they will send you an email w/ steps on resetting your password. Curious to see how this process works, and if people will complain about the process. I can just see if someone doesn't have their original ps3 and has maybe changed email addys. It happens - and sure, it's that user's fault for not keeping their info up to date on the PSN (assuming they weren't for some reason forced to change over the last month it's been down).

Curious to see how the process works out. My youngest is actually set up on one of my alternate email accounts. Waiting to see which one - I don't recall myself 100%. Anyway, when I tried to sign in, I got the notice that the PSN was undergoing maintenence - so they're not there yet, but maybe soon. It sounds like the initial functionality will be trophy sync, friends lists and online play, with some features like the PS Store slated for the end of the month.
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