Our Games of the Year 2022 - Runners Up

The games that nearly took the top prizes in our hearts and minds. Our team had a very difficult time narrowing it down - overall we felt like 2022 was an excellent year filled with fantastic video games. It can be hard to pick a favorite. Or a second favorite. Sometimes even a third. As such, this post is all about the games that our team thought were great - just not quite the best of the bunch.

Nick - Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi 

Just about everything this title did tickled some part of my brain. Nostalgic old-school dungeon crawling goodness of my youth? Check. Satirical yet meaningful and interesting story? Check. Sharp visual and musical presentation? Check. Challenging, fun and addicting? Check, check and check.

Pierre-Yves - Runner-Up - Rise of the Third Power

Rise of the Third Power by Stegosoft Games for me is at the top of this year's list. This adventure had everything. Well written and thought out characters, story, events, excellent music and an amazing battle system that never got old. This was a shining example of a well thought out and executed title.

While sad when it ended, because of how good it was, the only thing left now is to wait and see what new amazing title Stegosoft Games comes out with next.

Pierre-Yves - Honorable Mention - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge by Tribute Games and Dotemu was so close to being #1 for the year. The Turtles were back, they had Splinter, April, Casey Jones and magically brought back bad guys from the cartoons and the movies all without missing a beat. 

Best part? The side scrolling beat 'em up gameplay was smooth and while it brought on that sense of nostalgia? It was designed by today's standards offering a super smooth experience. 

Susan - Runner-Up -  Brok the Investigator

This year my runner-up is none other than Brok the Investigator. This indie title is not just a game - it makes you think about certain ideas as you play, but does so in a way that is fun. Brok has a couple of different features that I absolutely love like using the ads as its in-game hint system, a simplistic combat system that doesn’t require the memorization of a thousand combos, and the switching between two characters to show how a relationship can be helped or hindered by daily actions. Honestly, the game impressed me so much that it had to be my runner-up.

Susan - Honorable Mention: V Rising

My honorable mention for the most memorable game is another vampire game - what a shock, I know. But I couldn’t wrap up 2022 without including V Rising. It is a mix of everything I’m looking for in a game like building, crafting, combat, and conquering the lands. You can hunt V Bloods to unlock buildings or abilities and each enemy increases its difficulty level when there are several players in the area. One of the other things I love about V Rising is the fact that you can also build your own castle! What’s also great is that you control the game’s pace which is a fact I appreciate. For me, it is memorable for many reasons like being able to vicariously make and live in my ULTIMATE CASTLE. Ahem Anyways, I absolutely adore V Rising so it needed to be on this list

Susan - Other Honorable Mention: Slime Rancher 2

My honorable mention for 2022 is Slime Rancher 2. Sure, it isn’t complete yet but how could we not love the slimes? They are adorable! And they constantly smile at you! What’s not great about that? (Especially in recent years…) Anyways, the moment I knew the game was coming out, I jumped out of my seat from excitement because I absolutely loved the first one. It’s no surprise that I needed to get the sequel. Besides, when you see the smile on the slime's faces, you will understand. They just can’t be denied! Sure, I may already have a ton of money from selling plorts, but I need more! Plus, it’s a fantastic game to play after a particularly tough day. Slime Rancher 2 is 100% another amazing guilty pleasure for me this year. Now stop reading this and go take care of the cuties!

Richard - Runner-Up - AI: The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative

Sequel to AI: The Somnium Files, Nirvana Initiative takes everything I loved about the first game and brings it to the sequel. It's fun, full of interesting puzzles, and a lot of funny gag moments. Good times. Well, for the player, anyway.

Richard - Honorable Mention - Never Awake

An interesting take on the shooter/bullet hell genre where you actually earn powerups and equipable accessories throughout the game. A kind of gut punch story I wasn't expecting and smooth shooting mechanics make a solid game

Richard - Other Honorable Mention - Gunvolt 3

The Not-megaman we needed to bring a refreshing light to the megaman style games. Gunvolt 3 had an incredibly smooth style that I enjoyed all the way through. Seriously, pick up the whole series, it's great.