Gaming News and Notes from 9-10-10

So, here's some stuff I've seen lately that caught my eye:

Valkyria Chronicles 2 for the PSP has been getting some good reviews (I need to grab this one still), and now there's some free DLC coming soon too - very cool!

I used to be a really heavy World of Warcraft player over two different periods of time, but I quit playing back around the new year. The monthly costs were just starting to get to me. The rather well-received Lord of the Rings Online game however just went free-to-play today. Reviews have been good in the past, and you can apparently download the core game that supports leveling up to 50, and you don't even need a credit card to start playing. You can however purchase in-game items with money if you so choose, and if you want the expansions you do have to shell out for that as well. Still, might well be worth looking into - I believe I will be soon.

IGN had a pretty cool retrospective on one of my favorite video game systems, the Sega Dreamcast. Not exactly new news, but a cool read if you too have fond memories of that ill-fated but well-made system. They did something similar for the Playstation 1, which is 15 years old now.

Apparently the new Xbox 360 has been selling very well of late according to this article.

For those Mac users lacking a PC or console system who have long craved some mayhem, the Grand Theft Auto 3-pack for the Mac may be just what you're looking for. Never been a huge fan of the series myself, but I know a lot of people are, so this may be worth a peek.

Good news of the Dissida: Final Fantasy game for the PSP (this would so very much include me, who is still grinding away at it) - There's going to be a sequel and a couple of characters have been announced. One of them is Lightning from the most recent Final Fantasy 13 game.
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