And sadly... the extended weekend is over

I certainly hope everyone had a fun, safe weekend.  For those of us in the United States, it also served as a holiday weekend as we celebrated Thanksgiving.  This was my first four day weekend in... 2012 I believe?  I certainly enjoyed it as I had plenty of food, football and fun.

Well, to start off - that was about one-third of the food I made on Thursday.  Now there's a few scraps of turkey left, but not much else.  That afternoon we began to set up and decorate our Christmas tree as well.

And of course I watched the Lions on Thanksgiving.  They were more competitive this year than the last few, but they still managed to find three or four ways to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory.  Ah well, this is in fact one of the ornaments up on our tree:

I had planned on getting tons of gaming in, and while I got some Elminage (seriously - a new PSP RPG game?  Sign me up - I was more than happy to dust the handheld off for that)...

... and Madden and Dragon Ball Z...

... the majority of the weekend was spent doing things with the family.  A good chunk of that time was spent on board games of the Uno, Monopoly, Sorry!, Sorry! Sliders and Monopoly: Christmas Story edition.

 All in all, we had a really good time.  It got cold, there was some standing (albeit light) snow, a lost football game - but also good food, plenty of games and pretty holiday decorations and the completion of most of our Christmas shopping as well.  I hope my readers all had a great weekend, holiday or not!  Take care!

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