Beeps And Beers

A lot of gamers prefer caffeinated beverages to see them through their video games. I know growing up, I drank more than my fair share of Mountain Dew. However, sometimes we enjoy something else to help us relax as we enjoy our favorite games, and in Beeps and Beers we plan to do just that - relax and have fun.

Date Beer Brewer Score (X/10) Game/Event
2023-02-13 Elysian Space Dust IPA Elysian Brewing Company 7
Mass Effect Legendary Edition
2023-01-19 Malted Milk Ball Imperial Porter Perrin Brewing Company 9.5 Elden Ring
2019-11-08 Screamin' Pumpkin Griffin Claw Brewing 8.25 Mortal Kombat 11
2018-04-27 Various Check them out below!
N/A Level 1 Complete-The Grid Birthday Celebration
2016-12-16 Lil' Griz Perrin Brewing Company 8.5 Final Fantasy XV
2016-12-09 Winter White Ale Bell's Brewery, Inc. 6.5 A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV
2016-12-02 Blueberry Maple Stout Saugatuck Brewing Company 8.5 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
2016-11-18 Wake Up Dead Nitro Left Hand Brewing Co. 8.5 Sid Meier's Civilization VI
2016-10-14 Pumking and Warlock Southern Tier Brewing Company 9 / 8 Oculus Rift
2016-10-07 Ichabod / Filthy Pumpkin New Holland Brewing Company 7.25 / 8.25 NHL 17
2016-09-30 Oktoberfest Bell's Brewery, Inc. 7.75 Madden NFL 17
2016-08-19 Two Hearted Ale Bell's Brewery, Inc. 10 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
2016-08-12 White Noise Perrin Brewing Company /Cigar City Brewing 9 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
2016-08-05 Raspberry Elch Tal Charlotte Brewing Co. 7.5 Far Cry Primal
2016-07-29 Rübæus Founders Brewing Company 8.5 Marvel Puzzle Quest
2016-07-22 Arcadia Ales IPA Variety Pack (Part 2) Arcadia Ales 8.75 / 6 Grand Kingdom
2016-07-15 Arcadia Ales IPA Variety Pack (Part 1) Arcadia Ales 8.25 / 7.25 Grand Kingdom
2016-07-08 Red, White and Blue Abita Abita Brewing Company 7.25 ZEN Pinball 2: Aliens Vs. Pinball
2016-07-01 Devil Dancer Founders Brewing Company 9 ZEN Pinball 2: Aliens Vs. Pinball
2016-06-24 Lotsa' Problems IIP Perrin Brewing Company 6 NBA 2K16
2016-06-17 Smitten Golden Rye Ale Bell's Brewery, Inc. 7 SMITE
2016-06-14 Shipwreck Porter Arcadia Ales 9.75 Uncharted 4