Week in Review

Welcome back to our Week in Review!

Monday started the week off with another look at Black the Fall but on the PS4. What did Jed think? Check it out!

"I do know that as a game, Black's dismal atmosphere, affecting environments, and satisfying puzzles are pretty praiseworthy, no matter how undeserved I felt the finale to be."
- Jedediah

Tuesday took the previewed depths of space with Robert's impressions on Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.
"With deep tactical combat, an utterly fantastic user interface, and set in one of science fiction's greatest settings (SPACE!), Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is turning out to be a potential wonder hit that takes the space-based genre by storm."
- Robert

Leaving the vast openness of Space, the middle of the week dove onto an Original Journey in which a race of beings attempts to survive though a last ditch effort in order to save its people. It's also a blast to play and should be seeing console releases later this year!

" Original Journey is a blast to play for hours on end. Quick paced gameplay mixed in with a great audio visual design makes for an easy time to simply keep going for just "one more"."
- Pierre-Yves

On the back of this is my exploration of another planet in which things were even less welcoming than the last one. Immortal Planet is essentially a third person isometric Souls game with elements to make it its own.

"Immortal Planet is great slower paced Hack and Slash. Having to think about your moves and the timing really changes the tempo that is normally associated with this style and it works creating something that isn't just another one in the ever growing crowd."
- Pierre-Yves

Topping the week off, Nick shares his time with Lone Echo through the Oculus Rift.

" Lone Echo absolutely nails the immersive side of things, and had me forgetting that I was playing a game and just living in that reality's moment. Pretty much exactly what you would hope for this type of experience."
- Nick