Week in Review - April 3rd to 7th

Welcome back to the weekend and this Week's in Review!

For something brand new, Sunday saw the first release of our Sunday Bites. These impressions will overtime cover small demos from currently in development titles either from the Developers themselves or from possible Kickstarter or Greenlight campaigns. With that, here's the first Sunday Bites with Tumbling Apart

"In twenty minutes I went through a roller coaster of emotions that only scratch what looks to be the surface of Tumbling Apart. I'm already hooked though and I still don't know what's under the hood."
- PY

Monday started off with our game releases for the month of April and there are some good ones!

Tuesday we saw the second of NIS America's Touhou releases with Genso Wanderer on the PS4

"Genso Wanderer is a great addition to the franchise, with lovely character, background and sprite visuals and music, solid core gameplay, and endearing character interactions. "

- Richard

Wednesday saw my thoughts of Omega Force and Tecmo Koei's Toukiden 2 which is both a stellar follow up of the original and a great possible direction for the style of gaming as it works very well in an open world environment.

"Having originally released for the Vita it wasn't long before it saw both PS4 and the PC releases after having found success as a "Monster Hunter Clone". That simple status however is now no longer valid, as Toukiden 2 just set a new bar for the series with an open world that fans of the genre have only dreamed of."
- Pierre-Yves

Because there seriously can never be enough NIS America titles, Thursday saw our review of Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy on the PC

"Overall, Operation Abyss is a great addition to the dungeon crawling experience, and is definitely something to pick up, especially if you never picked it up for the Vita."
- Richard

Finally on Friday Nick sat down to Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe by Arc System Works

"While Ark System Works is well-known for their fast, slick, polished fighting games like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, this is a simpler title made by FK Digital. It is a solid enough outing, with gameplay that is easy to pick up..."
- Nick

Article by Pierre-Yves
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