Ring in the New Year with a New Mud - Kingdoms of the Lost

Kingdoms of the Lost - a swords and sorcery fantasy MUD that gives you the freedom to play how you want.

We have several features that cater to all sorts of different play styles:

- auto-questing in each of the different kingdoms
- customizable equipment
- arena and limited (but optional) player-killing
- role-playing encouraged through rewards, automatically generated RPXP and ranks in kingdoms and religions

Kingdoms of the Lost (KotL) has a mature staff that has been running this game since 2000. Now that 2014 is upon us, why not stop by and take advantage of our:

- random bonusing for the New Year, including imm and combat-triggered mods
- New code modifications
- New area content

With over 150 completely original zones, a wealth of customized code and a variety of things to do, why not take the time to visit a new MUD for the New Year and see if something catches your eye?

port 2222

We look forward to seeing you and your friends!

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