The PlayStation 4 has left its box...

... and it has found its way onto my shelf near the PlayStation 3. A much more detailed write-up will be appearing on Digitally Downloaded tomorrow as I break down the console, the controller, set up, operating system and more.
I have a stack of games in my hands now, with Madden and Battlefield 4 getting the lion's share of the play time right now. Madden is a game that I know very well from the PlayStation 3, so I figured it would make a good comparison title on the PS4.

Battlefield is one my son knows pretty well, having spent a lot of time playing the beta on the PS3 and playing the released game at a friend's house, so he can help me compare what is working better and what is not.

Initial thoughts and impressions:

- The console looks sharp while running both cool and fairly quietly

- The controller is indeed larger than the PS3's DualShock 3, but not as much as I expected. It is a little longer and a little wider, and maybe just a tiny bit heavier. It is certainly comfortable to hold. The DualShock 3 had rather unforgiving seams that sometimes cut into my palms during extended play. I'm not getting any of that with the DualShock 4

- The PSN is a bit of a mess right now. Of course that is to be expected, but it took me almost half an hour to get my account online and synced up to my network ID and my son finally gave up after about twenty minutes of failure.

- There are moments of awe visually in Battlefield. In the first level there was a narrow passage filled with rippling, reflective waters. Later on there was a rainstorm during a fight in a all building. The water splattering against the furniture and floor was impressive, as were the rain streaked windows. Particle and lighting effets also impress. A good early show of power there.

- The OS is quick and responsive, but also a bit cluttered feeling

- The 500 gb hard drive is going to be a pain. I've already chewed through about 100 gbs on day one. Killzone is the main culprit, but it is hardly acting alone.

- Total list of games you will be hearing about over the next week:

* Battlefield 4
* Killzone
* Knack
* Madden
* Contrast
* Resogun
* Super Motherload

More to come!

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