Some other articles, what's new around here and more

Posts have been down just a tad lately here, only getting two or three in a week lately. Lots going on that is contributing to that, but I have been seeing lots of hits and good comments when I do get things live - for that I am very much appreciative!

For starters, I have taken on a new role with Digitally Downloaded, and am now the US Editor there - which is basically my fancy way of saying I'm busier than ever with things behind the scenes. That being said, I am getting some posts live there as well, such as:

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for PS3

And Magrunner Dark Pulse for the PS3

So if you like reading my reviews (and my guess is you do if you are here), then feel free to check those out as well. I also will have a 3DS version of the Pac-Man review (very different game, also fun) popping up in the next couple of days.

I am also getting ready for the next generation consoles that will be making their way into my home soon. That means... playing lots of other games on disc right now so I have more trade barter for new games. I am not yet sure with PS4 titles I will grab first. I have read that Target will have a buy 2 get 1 free sale that weekend, so I am considering 3 titles. I am thinking Killzone and Knack since they are PS exclusives, but I am unsure on the 3rd. Possibly CoD or Battlefield as my son would love either, or maybe NBA 2K or Live as well. My Pistons have been a lot of fun to watch so far this season. Any preferences from readers who would like to see what I think on a specific title?

Speaking of next generation, I had a post that I was rather proud of over at Digitally Downloaded as well, bidding a very fond farewell to this current (soon to be 'last') generation of gaming here, if you would like to read it. I would love to have some comments over there were I can talk about favorite games or memories along the way.

So what about posts on here? Trust me, they will keep coming. Here I can relax and post pretty much whatever is on my mind, and I value that a great deal. I even have a rare weekend post scheduled for Sunday around noon this week for a very specific reason. I hope you tune in and comment!

Thanks again!
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