Outlast looks like it could be a good scare

I am a big fan of horror games and I contend that Fatal Frame is my favorite series of horror games to date. That said, Red Barrel's Outlast looks like it has some potential.

When we have a lot of games like Dead Space (review here) and Resident Evil trading in frights for bigger, noisier weapons, I find it refreshing to see a title that looks like it will throw a lot of scares out there. According to the IGN article I read, you do not fight off these creatures with weapons, but have a camera with night vision to help you see. The creepiest part of the Fatal Frame games was looking through your camera and I think a good deal of that tension could be replicated here. Condemned was a pair of games where everything was handled through a first person perspective, and it really ratcheted up the tension. Looking forward to seeing more of this one. Here's the trailer.

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