Wow... so it's 2013 now

And just like that - 2012 is done. Over. Gone. Onto newer things - like 2013.

Seriously though - it's amazing to me how fast we shot through last year, and that we're already through the first week of 2013. I had some time off to kick off 2013 and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If I had to say which gaming endeavor of mine took up the bulk of my time, it would be Guild Wars 2, but I dabbled in a LOT of stuff over the last couple of weeks.

So - Guild Wars 2... I was a huge fan of World of Warcraft - I owned 2 different accounts over the span of several years and maxed out a bunch of characters at level 60 before the first expansion and moved on to other things. Some friends got me to come back during Wrath of the Lich King and I again ramped up several characters to that new cap of 80. I enjoyed it thoroughly - even though I as an MMO player am a bit odd in that I seldom group. I probably did 95% of my leveling solo and spent gobs of time doing it.

Well, I have been playing Guild Wars 2 now for a couple of weeks, and have a couple of characters of lower levels as I explore. The first Guild Wars just never stuck for me. I won a couple of expansions and the game itself and played for awhile, but it just never stacked up to my WoW experience. Guild Wars 2 feels very 'WoW-like' with a world that feels more alive to me. Also not having to pay every month allows me to play as much as I want when I want, and not like I need to play non-stop for fear of not getting 'my money's worth' out of my subscription.

Beyond Guild Wars 2 however, I have spent a good deal of time on my MUD lately, Kingdoms of the Lost. We have been putting in some new code and preppring some area updates for a fairly major new 'event' in our game. Considering we first set up shop in August of 2000, it is still amazing to me that the staff and players there participate in so many ways and have so much passion about the world there we have created. For those who haven't read my posts on it and haven't had any experience with MUDs, just think of them as the first MMO's - text-based D&D if you will.

Another sizable chunk of the break went to things such as getting decks and cards around for Magic: The Gathering, playing Madden 13's online mode, listening to music from Skyrim, playing Halo: Anniversary and Retro City Rampage and playing with my new Blackberry tablet my wife got me for Christmas. All in all - I kept busy, but am back to work now and getting back into my daily routine (unfortunately).

I should have plenty of reviews and posts coming over the next few weeks. Aside from all of the above mentioned gaming activity, we also got some new games such as Black Ops 2 for my son for Christmas, and he has a couple more games coming for his birthday a week from today. PlayStation Plus has some nice goodies coming including freebie Mega Man titles - so I'm excited about that as well.

I want to thank all of you for stopping by to read and post your comments as well. While I took my week and a half off from posting, I still was getting a fairly high number of hits every day - in fact the last month has seen my all-time high average as my daily visits has hovered around 600-700. That is really encouraging stuff and I do see and appreciate it!

So, did you get any gaming goodies over the holidays? Any new games you've been diving into or plan to shortly? Or has it become time to catch up on some older, backlogged titles you've been meaning ot play but haven't yet? I'm definitely curious, so let me know and thanks for stopping by!
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