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Friday, June 1, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - PlayStation 3 Review

It seems like I have been playing this game forever.  My wife picked it up for me when we went to a Pistons game earlier in the year, and I have been picking at Final Fantasy XIII-2 between other games ever since.  I was a fan of Final Fantasy XIII, giving it a score of 8.25 in my review.

Still, Final Fantasy XIII was one of the more divisive video game titles in recent history.  It was linear, the combat was very different (some would say dumbed-down) and the story a bit difficult to grasp on to.  So is Final Fantasy XIII-2 different enough to make people happy?  Yes and no - but it depends on your expectations going in I think.  The battle system in XIII was better than a lot of people gave it credit for in my opinion, and that has been retained for this sequel.  The world has been opened up quite a bit as well, though Square Enix may have taken non-linear a bit too far with their time-traveling storyline.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Humble Indie Bundle 5

So, a new Humble Bundle has come out, and I know some people are feeling like these Humble Bundles are a bit overdone.  I will agree that the games found in the last one or two did not particularly appeal to me, but wow - this new one?  Pretty slick in my opinion.

Epic Mickey 2, Mass Effect 3, Frozen Synapse, MTG, Dead Space 3... it's screenshot time!

Everyone likes pictures. Video games are very visual (hence 'video' games) - well, there's several games I saw some screenshots of yesterday that I thought I'd share this morning.

I have a review for Frozen synapse coming soon - it was a title that surprised me, but that I enjoyed quite a bit.  Mode 7 Games has announced that they have a Red expansion coming, and here's a couple of those images.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Otaku Gaming: Demon's Souls, Pokemon White/Black 2, Atelier, Tales, Agarest, Resident Evil and more!

Despite not being around quite as much as I would like over the last week, I have gotten quite a few posts up both here and at Otaku Gaming.  I'll start with the oldest stories and work up to the most recent.  That starts us off then with the announcement of Record of Agarest War 2 and its limited edition.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back from the extended weekend - several games to touch on

First off - I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was spent in large part with my dad who is up visiting from Florida, but I still managed to get a lot of gaming in this week and some this weekend (with my son nabbing even more than I did I think).  Probably my happiest gaming announcement?  I beam Final Fantasy XIII-2 finally - and beat it thoroughly.  This is my first PlayStation 3 Platinum Trophy and I'm fairly close to level 11 on my PlayStation Network ID as well.  I enjoyed the game quite a bit - review coming soon.