Some quick Wii U thoughts

Like everyone and their mom yesterday and today, I have been pondering the various Wii U announcements and trying to figure out just what my thoughts on them and the system are.  I have come away decidedly mixed at this point, but then I have been since the beginning I guess.  I plan to get one more post up for the weekend by the end of the day (a review of a new game release), but I figured I'd hop on the Wii U conversational bandwagon real quick this morning.

So the price point - I don't find it necessarily unreasonable, but it did land $50 more than I thought it should have been priced.  While the tablet controller is no doubt more expensive to assemble than your average controller, the specs I have read on the system don't place it as being significantly any better than say, the Xbox 360 or PS 3, both of which are cheaper by a fair margin at this point.  Also I worry that the Wii U will pale next to what the next Xbox and Sony machines can put out visually.  $300 and $350 aren't horrible, but I'd have been more comfortable at $250 and $300.

In terms of the at-release games, there appears to be a decent selection, with a few surprises like Bayonetta 2 in there, but I was also a bit surprised at how weak the Nintendo first-party selection is going to be upon release.  The titles will probably be quite good, but for me the Wii was always more about Nintendo's first party titles.  There were some good 3rd party ones out there like Monster Hunter Tri and Silent Hill - but it was Smash Bros, Super Mario whatever, Samus and Link that had my kids clamoring for one and tickled my nostalgia-bone (I'm pretty sure I have one of those).

I still haven't seen enough about the online strategy to feel good about it, and it sounds like transferring your data from the Wii to the Wii U will be a bit clunky.  Also the announcement that initially at least, Nintendo will not be selling a separate controller was a bit odd.  I understand that they want their focus to be on actual unit production because they do not want to wind up short, but what if someone breaks a controller?  For now at least, their only option is to send it into Nintendo for repair it would seem.

I am also leery of the storage space offered.  With the push to more downloadable games and content, it seems odd to me that we do not see a more robuts storage option.  I've used up my 120 gbs on both of my ps3's, and most of my 250 gbs for my Xbox 360.  It sounds like you can use external storage solutions for this, but that is an additional cost not unlike the Vita and its need for an expensive proprietary memory card.  I honestly would have expected something more to the tun of 100 gbs or more I guess at this point.

I do enjoy Nintendo games - I have owned just about every Nintendo console along the way over the years, including this generation's Wii and 3DS.  My son has a 3DS, one daughter has a DSi and another a DS Lite.  That being said, the Wii was the least-played of our consoles - the PlayStation 3 has easily been our most heavily played this generation.

I guess my thoughts are Nintendo did not do anything to make me want to rush out and put down a pre-order on the console.  Odds are, I'll be waiting until sometime next year until I can see how it is performing, what the online presence looks like and to better weigh the other console options coming out in the future.  What were your thoughts?  Impressed, unimpressed, concerned, thrilled or somewhere in between?
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