So, how was the weekend and any plans this week?

So I have a pretty relaxing weekend with lots of gaming.  Finished off Naruto Ninja Storm 2, nearly done with Game of Thrones, almost have the campaign for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers done and put a sizable dent into Elemental Monsters Online HD.  I also started White Knight Chronicles 2.  I have some new decks assembled for Magic: The Gathering tonight at work I'm looking forward to trying as well.

For the upcoming week, I have only Wednesday off for July 4th but am working the rest of it.  My wife and daughters are headed up north to camp from Tuesday morning through Sunday night though, leaving my son and I to a week of grilling out and video games.  He and I have decided to go through every game we have that has a two player co-op to try and beat as many of them as we can this week, so we'll see how that goes.  I suspect it'll be mostly shooters, but there's some beat 'em ups too that probably qualify. 

What about you?  Have a good weekend?  Have any plans for the upcoming week? (though obviously this week probably means a bit more to our America readers).  Got any games you just put the finishing touches on, are close to beating or are looking forward to starting?
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