Magic: The Gathering, Pure Chess, Mass Effect 3... yup, it was the weekend

Good morning - I sure hope you all had a really nice weekend.  Mine was fairly uneventful - which is not a bad thing at all.  My wife and daughters were out of town since Thursday, leaving my son and I to sit around and kill time how we saw fit.  Generally speaking, that was video games.

One game he and I have both been playing a bit is Pure Chess.

I first heard about this title over at Digitally Downloaded, but unfortunately at the time it was not released on the North American consoles.  About two months later however, it did release and my dad picked it up, and my son and I both play it now as well.  I currently have games going with my son, my dad and Matt, who runs Digitally Downloaded.  I expect to lose them all, but it's still good fun.

I got some multiplayer in on Mass Effect 3.  I've actually enjoyed the multiplayer on Mass Effect 3 quite a bit, having stuck with it longer than I do most multiplayer components, and while I completed the bonus objective this weekend, I have to admit the online mode is growing a bit stale for me.  I logged a few hours with it, but nothing like the long stretches I had in the past.  The different characters, power leveling, attachments and new weapons do help to keep it interesting longer, but if this weekend was a proper indication, I may be playing it less and less going forward.

The majority of the weekend, my son played online games of the Call of Duty variety - Modern Warfare 2 & 3 as well as Black Ops.  I enjoy a few rounds on each, but I can't seem to play for the long sessions he does.  Far and away though, it appears that the Zombies mode is his favorite and he's been gobbling up as much Black Ops 2 info as he can get lately.

While the above games did help me fill some time, the vaaaaast majority of my weekend was spent working on decks for Magic: The Gathering.  As in the cardboard decks.  I don't even want to wager how many hours I spent on them this weekend.  With my wife out of town, I pretty much took over the bedroom in general and the bed in particular with boxes, folders and stacks of cards.  One of my friends at work who doesn't play Magic anymore had a bunch of older cards (revised through tempest), to go with my own older cards (Revised through Weatherlight) and my newer cards (Scars through Core 13).  Needless to say, there's some variety. 

Since I'm just playing casual with friends, I mix and match stuff up like crazy and have put together like thirty decks.  In addition to that, I broke down my commons into a large monster box organized by color, then by 'type' (summon/enchantment/sorcery/instant) and then alphabetized them.  Then I took out the uncommons and rares and put them in folders with the same kind of categories (but didn't alphabetize them).

The end result?  A much more organized system for when we are all trading.  I have to say it was interesting seeing all of the old and new cards.  It sort of gave me a laugh though, because while the game has seen a lot of changes, the more things change, well...

Lord of Atlantis - I had some Revised

The more they stay the same:

Master of the Pearl Trident - I had one from the latest Core 13 set

The exact same card just many years apart.  All in all though, probably the best part of the process was that when I was done with it, I sat down and played a few games with my son.  Sounds like he has an interest in playing some more as well so maybe I'll get him into it with me too.

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