Oh it's been a long, long week and weekend...

And unfortunately that's not 'long weekend' as in: It was loads of fun.

No, I managed to stay sick for over a week and I'm still not at 100% and don't expect that I will be until Wed or Thursday at the moment, but the worst of the bronchial infection appears to be over.  This is absolutely the sickest I have been in at least 10-15 years.  I mean, the first few days, I didn't even play video games.  That's like deathbed illness there I tell you.

But, over the weekend I did log some pretty heavy game time between Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, Game of Thrones on Steam, Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 on Steam and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for the PS3.

I am hoping to get reviews of those last three up fairly soon.  I'm nearly done with Naruto - I'm in the last chapter, and I have gotten through a couple of modes in MTG but am only about halfway through Game of Thrones. 

My son and I are also starting a small project, where he is going to make a small gaming blog of his own.  He probably won't be posting anywhere near as frequently or as in-depth as me, but I figure it's a good writing activity for him now that school's out and he can learn a bit about HTML, video and image editing, things like that.

He and I are also being abandoned by my wife and the girls the week of the 4th, and have decided during that week to play through as many of our games as we can that have co-op campaign modes.  That should be fun as most of these are games that have been on my backlog and will lead to some reviews and also give us something fun to do together that week.

So, what did you play over the weekend?  Have anything new and exciting you've been digging into?  What about coming up?  Do you have any games you are anticipating getting to play over the next couple of weeks?
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