Highlights from E3 - Part 6


It's amazing how popular zombies have become in our culture of late.  Between that and vampires, we seem to enjoy our undead, but personally I am just about zombie-d out.  Even so, the game...


Despite the fact that it feels like the letter "U" is being tacked onto almost every game for the Wii U right now (sort of reminding of how 64 wound up on so many Nintendo 64 titles), I thought Ubisoft's demo of ZombieU actually looked pretty good.  It certainly makes more robust use of the system's unique controller and made it feel more integral to the gameplay and a bit less like a gimmick in my opinion.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

I enjoyed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow when I reviewed it for the Xbox 360.  I do however find it amusing that when it is brought to a system called the 3DS, it looks to harken back to largely 2D roots.  The action looks pretty good in the trailer and should be worth keeping an eye on.

Nintendo Land

I did complain that the Nintendo first party games other than Mario got ignored a bit this year, but Nintendo Land did at least pay homage to some of those neglected franchises.  This game reminds me of Wii Sports - a series of smaller mini games tucked into a single package that tries to demonstrate what the hardware can do while inviting people into a casual experience that will hopefully appeal to more than just the 'hardcore' market.

NBA Live

I am a sports fan, and while the NBA 2k series has been kicking the snot out of EA's NBA Live series forever now it seems, I cannot help but smile just a bit as I see the series return after a two year break.  Will it hold up?  I have no idea at this point, but I logged a lot of hours into the older EA basketball games and will be rooting for a return to form.  A little healthy competition would be a good thing for both brands (right Madden?).

The Elder Scrolls Online

I know this topic gets people riled up - heck, I wrote a whole post about it.  I'm still in the camp of: give it a chance first.  I thought the teaser trailer here looked pretty good, and while I am not a huge MMO fan anymore, I still want to see this succeed if only to show that different directions can be a good thing (and not see it turn into the disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV).

Any thoughts/interest/hate for the titles shown above?
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