Happy Monday!

Yeah, that title's about as excited as I can get for a Monday morning.  That said, I had a pretty solid weekend.  Got lots of gaming in over it and got to catch Prometheus to boot (I dug it).  What games have you guys been playing of late?  My list grew a bit over the weekend.  Here's what I've been taking a stab at:

- Diablo III
- RPG Maker VX Ace
- Poked at Skyrim a bit
- J.U.L.I.A


- J.U.L.I.A. Untold

- Kid Icarus: Uprising
- A little Zelda: Ocarina in Time

- Just started L.A. Noire
- Naruto Ninja Storm 2
- Record of Agarest War Zero
- Outland
- NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
- Tekken: Hybrid
- Elemental Monsters

Xbox 360:
- Mass Effect 3 (multiplayer)
- Modern Warfare 3 (multiplayer)
- Rage (Just about done with this guy, but struggling a bit.  Not w/ difficulty, just with interest)
- Alien Homnid
- Halo Anniversary 


- Lunar - decided to try and beat this one again sooner than later

I also poked at a few PlayStation Minis, and figured I'd just toss in some quick thoughts on them here, similar to what I did when I touched on some awhile back.

Doodle Fit - This one is actually pretty cool.  I had never heard of it before, but apparently this game is on several platforms.  Basically, what you have is a puzzle game where you try to fit tetris-like shapes into a pre-drawn region.  The first few come together pretty easily, but the later ones can definitely bend your brain a bit.    There's no timer, so you're allowed to spend as much time on each puzzle as needed.  Since beating it unlocks more content, there is a perpetual reward system already in place.  It has a very charming sort of art style to it that reminds me of Crayon Physics - sort of a hand-drawn affair.  Recommended

Rumble Trucks - I really had no idea what to expect here.  A top down racer perhaps?  Turns out, it reminds me a bit more Joe Danger in that it is a timed racer game, but side-scrolling.  Unfortunately it isn't quite as good.  The learning curve here can be a bit brutal - really, some sort of tutorial or in-game instructions would have saved me twenty minutes or so of frustration.  Once you get these small details worked out, the game is actually pretty cool in short bursts.  The different tracks you can unlock are different enough that they at least add visual variety, even though the core play mechanics don't change a whole lot.  It's okay, but not one I could recommend unless you just really like this sort of racing/platform hybrid genre.

Hungry Giraffe - Odd game, but I found it more interesting than a lot of the minis I've played so far.  So, the premise - you control a giraffe with a ridiculously long and bendy neck.  It wants to eat.  There is food hanging in the air and you propel upward with your head to eat the fruit.  If you keep eating, your head continues its upward momentum, but miss too many or hit too many obstacles, and you slow or even stop your ascent and plummet back downward.  Ever play Pengu or Orbit - these sort of side-scrolling games where you try to get as much distance as possible while hitting the right things to make you continue and avoiding the bad things that make you stop?  This is like that, but vertical.  For whatever reason, those types of games appeal to me on a 'I have 10 minutes to kill- basis and this one works pretty well on that front as well.

Frogger Returns - I'm cheating here.  This one's not a mini, it's technically a PSN release, but the game is so cheaply designed that it is actually probably the worst one of this group.  I'm all for retro remakes, but this one looks and plays pretty rough, with no online play - just a few modes for local co-op which works if only because the view is better.  In single player, you wind up with an angle somewhat behind the frog, which actually makes it much harder to plot your course.  If all you care about in a PSN game is trophies, there's a few here (like 4 or 5 I think?) that are pretty easy to get, but I can't recommend this to anyone else.

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