Something's... different...

So, basically - I got bored earlier on my lunch break, and I decided to go with a new, brighter theme for spring (so I'm a month or two late, minor details).  Anyway - I've been toying around with the idea of coming up with three or four different Blogger layouts for awhile now.

Basically the design and functionality is almost completely unchanged, but the background pictures and the color schemes are obviously quite a bit different.  If you hate it and want to see the old one come back?  I've got thick skin (or is it a thick head?  I always get those two confused) and want to hear about it.  If you like it?  That would be cool too.  If you're indifferent?  Well, that's fine by me.  But if people do seem to dig it, I may fiddle around with making two more to occasionally cycle through. 

It was just way too nice of a day outside today, and seeing that darkly themed blog just seemed out of place - so this is the result. :)
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