Hope you all had a good weekend!

So, if you try to get every fragment in Final Fantasy XIII-2 - it can take awhile.  I learned this, as I still have like 13 to go out of 160, and I'm sitting at just over 53 hours played so far.  Still, I'm enjoying it and nearly 'done' with the game I suspect.  I spent way too many hours sitting on the sofa playing it this weekend while my wife was out of town.

I doubt I will go after the platinum trophy - I don't have any yet and doubt I will any time soon.  I think I play through titles a bit more thoroughly than average, but never quite to the point where I do each and every last little thing.  Still, I read or saw something about unlocking various wallpapers, including a Lightning one, for your PS3 if you get all of the fragments.  Seeing as I liked Lightning's character quite a bit, that's a cool bonus if it's true.

Even though I know it has been out for some time, I figure I'll give it a fairly lengthy review when finished.  After having sunk so much time into this game and Record of Agarest War Zero, I think I foresee some shorter titles in my immediate future (I say this, fully realizing that I still want to pick up Diablo III.  I also want to play Dragon's Dogma sooner than later).

This week my posting will definitely be scattered.  And over the holiday weekend.  I probably won't get a lot of video gaming in either, as my dad will be up and visiting this weekend and next, but we'll see.  In the meantime - how was your weekend?  Play (or better yet beat) any good games?

I do have a post coming tomorrow.  Here's a hint as to the general topic:

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