Couple of quick thoughts tonight

One? I enjoyed the VGA's - there were some cool trailers shown. Most interesting? Mass Effect 3 for me, but Transformers and The Last of Us caught my eye too.

Also? After a few friends suggested I try it, I thought I'd go ahead and give DC Universe Online a try since it's free now. Can't say the process has been a smooth one so far. For starters, it's a 17 gig install. That took all afternoon to download and install. Intro cinematic was cool, and character creation wasn't bad - but then I made the mistake of trying to actually play.

Trying is the key term. I was #2,831 in the free queue. Good. Lord. 45 minutes later, I was #1,922. I gave up. We'll see if I have any more luck at a different day and time, but not a good first impression overall.
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