Gaming thoughts - 11/24/11 - Thanksgiving....

First off, happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I know not everyone celebrates it, and those that do celebrate it differently, but this is probably my favorite holiday of the year. We stay home, I cook loads of food, I watch the Lions play (and usually lose, but they are certainly getting better) and I get a handful of days off of work, which is always a plus.

Likely I'll be doing lots of shopping tonight/tomorrow - my wife loves Black Friday. I hate shopping. H-A-T-E it. 99% of the time, I know what I am going to grab at a store before going in, and I'm done 5 minutes later. Or I just order it online. My wife? Not so much. She likes to browse. And then look over her browsings. And sometimes deliberate on those browsings she has looked over. When she first started going to Black Friday deals, she went with her aunt. Now? Now I go. But it's hard to argue with the value. There's some pretty good deals out there too, especially for gamers.

We're pretty... well, set on consoles. The only thing I'd consider is a 3DS at this point. And sure, I'd like another big shiny TV at a ridiculously low price, but I'll probably pass for now. I may investigate 3D tv's come spring though when I get my tax returns - anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with those yet?

Moving on - game deals. So, I have one kid who wants Bioshocks 1 & 2 - and I know that Walmart has part 2 for $10 on Black Friday. There's also Epic Mickey for $15. Walmart also has Battlefield 3, Infamous 2 and Batman Arkham City for $26. Mejier has NBA 2k12 for $30. So... I have some options. What about the rest of you?

Doing anything special for the holiday? Going to battle insane crowds for any shopping deals? Aware of any other great deals gamers in particular might be interested in? (If I go 3DS, I am totally looking at that Zelda packaged one for $200).
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