Playstation Move - Tiger Woods 11- Playstation 3 Review

Of the sports titles that come out, Madden is my favorite and the NBA 2K series is runner up. I enjoy MLB: The Show, EA's NHL, EA's Boxing and Tiger Woods golf games - but I tend to pick them up every few years, and not each season. I was excited to pick up Tiger Woods 2011 though, because it was not only well-received, but Move compatible. Golf is just one of those titles that seems a natural for motion controls. The last version I had played was 2009, so that is my only real point of comparison.

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Graphics - 7:

The player models generally do not impress me a lot. The scenery is nice, and some of the weather effects and grass effects look nice, but there is very little in the way of 'wow' factor here. On a technical level, there is no slowdown or tearing that take you out of the experience. A decent effort that does a fair job of immersing you in the game, but they won't do anything to blow you away either.

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Sound & Music - 7:

The announcers do a decent job of detailing the action. Having recently been horrified from the much newer audio found in Madden 2012, I can appreciate how well the commentary flows in this game, which is a couple of years older. The sound effects are somewhat minimalistic during play, but they work well enough to keep you into the match.

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Gameplay - 9:

Kudos go here. I enjoyed the Move interaction. I was very impressed with the level of tracking and control - though at times sometimes it was a bit too sensitive. What do I mean? Well, the swinging and putting controls feel fantastic. Seriously, it is so much more immersive than prior PS3 iterations, no doubt due largely to the Move controls. That said, sometimes little things like aiming was a bit too touchy for my liking.

For non-Move users? The game plays pretty well too. I'm not terribly good at it, but I did enjoy the basic timing mechanics that drive the game and it was easy to get around the menus. I also made use of the Playstation Eye to create a zombie-like Me as a golfer. It actually did a pretty good job of mapping my face, but adding lifeless eyes to it was 'creepy' according to my kids.

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Intangibles - 8:

The Move controls are a welcome addition, but the game itself is pretty good too. They added a Ryder Cup mode that I didn't get much play out of, but I did spend a lot of time building up my created golfer and losing a lot of matches. I am not very good at playing the game, but I still enjoyed it, which is a sign of a good game I think. Like all of these annual sports games, I think a big part of the game's value is how much has changed since your last version. To me, the game, modes and controls were worth the update from version 9 of Tiger Woods. That might not be the case for someone coming from version 10.

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Overall - 7.5:

I enjoy the game, and though I don't play it nearly as much as some of my other sports titles, but when I'm looking for a slower-paced, almost relaxing break, this is the title I most often turn to. Now, why am I reviewing this version when it's so old? I got it cheap, and its integration with the Move gave it some extra value for me. I know there are newer versions out there, but as someone who skips a couple of years between releases most of the time, this one should hold me over for awhile all the same - especially at the price of $12 I got it for.

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