Gaming Thoughts... 9/24/11 - New Poll

Just a brief on here, but I put up a poll along the left side here about a week ago, and I thought I would call some notice to it. The idea of it is just to see what things you like most about this blog and hopefully indicating things you want to see more of.

I'll leave it so you can choose multiple items, but keep in mind that if everything gets checked, well, that doesn't really give me any idea where I should put the majority of my focus.

Areas include:

- Game reviews: pretty obvious, but do you come here mostly to see what I score things?

- Gaming thoughts: these are usually just random bits that aren't all scoring and metrics, like my musings about playing Warcraft or 'projects' like the Playstation Home

- Retro reflections: these take about the most work for me as I have to hook the system I'm playing up so I can record the playback and then edit it up, which is why I've sort of slacked off on these. But basically just me looking back at older games on the variety of older systems I still have about

- More Facebook/Twitter updates: I've been using these mostly to update things like what games I'm playing right now, quick impressions of games I haven't had a chance to fully review - things like that. And hey, if you're not fanning my FB page found here or my Twitter account here - now would be an awesome time to do so. :)

- Gaming news: I haven't done this in awhile either, but once a week I used to go around gathering up articles that piqued my interest from varied sites and often linked back to them - but not sure if this is something people are interested in or not

- Including images, art, videos: these do sometimes slow down the process for me - do you like seeing this stuff? Does it slow down the page loading too much? I know when I did the King's Bounty review there were a couple of people commenting on how the images and trailer looked - but that was one of the only times I've heard the images brought up, so just curious if the preference is to include them or not.

- Game deals: I go to a fair number of gaming sites and pages - almost every day. Most of the time, I don't see anything great, but once in awhile I'll see a bundle or gaming deal mentioned that might be of interest to others. Would this be something you'd like to see?

- Increase post frequency: I've kept a pretty steady every 3-days rate on posts for awhile - is that frequent enough? Do you stop by every day? Every other?

- Decrease post frequency: Opposite of the above - but do you only come by once a week? Do you find my current 3 days per post pace is too fast and you miss articles?

And of course any comments would be very welcome also. I will leave this poll running until the first of November. Thanks!
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