Gaming Thoughts... 8/3/11 - Humble Bundle #3

I missed out on the first couple of Humble Bundle deals when they came out. My computer was somewhat... lacking prior to Christmas (thanks hon!). That said, I've been gobbling up games at a somewhat stupid pace since then on discount, and one of the better deals out there is the occasional Humble Bundle - you can find it here:

It's pretty hard to have anything bad to say about this. Indy game developers roll out a package of titles where you pay what you want to get the games included. Seriously, I have a friend who paid $1 last time. Sometimes, I'm embarrassed to be in public with him :P

It's for a good cause as a good chunk of the proceeds goes to charity - but even then you can decide how much you want to go to whom, whether it's a charity or the developers themselves. The deal was already pretty good, but it got made better today. The original package included:

Crayon Physics Deluxe
Cogs (which I reviewed previously here.)
And Yet It Moves
Steel Storm

On top of that, if you pay more than the current average people are shelling out (that would be $5.10 as of this writing) you are eligible to get the previously offered Humble Bundle #2 as well. That list of games includes:

Cortex Command
Revenge of the Titans

In case that wasn't enough incentive, they're also tossing in a free key to play Minecraft until August 14th. My son was in on the earlier betas and loves this game, so he was pretty excited about this one.

The games found in the two Humble Bundles are also DRM-free, and they can be tied to a Steam account for those who like having their games centrally located, so I'll no doubt be playing them on Steam while my kids play them on their internet-less computer.

Obviously some people will already have some of these games (I had Cogs through Steam and Braid on my 360) - so that may affect how good the value is for you personally, but I'm very excited to get a hold of these games at this price, and am excited to see the Humble Bundles still coming out. Have you downloaded and made use of this or any of the prior Humble Bundles? If so, what did you think? The only other one I had purchased was the Frozenbyte one and have only logged extensive time with Trine, which I have been thoroughly enjoying.
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