Metroid - Retro Reflections

I've been on a Metroid kick the last several days. I thought that fan game IGN showed a video of on Wed was pretty cool, and overall I enjoyed my time spent with Metroid: Other M and put that review out there recently. But this is about the first game in the series, Metroid for the NES.

Now, I didn't play this game right away. My first couple of games were Elevator Action and Dragon Power. I actually had gotten Kid Icarus pretty early on as well, but Metroid was a game I got from a friend via trade when he was sick of it a year or two after it released. I loved the game though, barely getting through it on my own the first time, and then played through it almost immediately after using the maps in a spread of Nintendo Power to get every last little item the game had to offer.

So, I gave it a while the other day for a time (which was a bit of a challenge since my PC game controller's not working right now - I need to pick up another one it seems), so I used my keyboard for a time. Overall, the game holds up pretty well though. Response-wise running, jumping and shooting were all good, and the graphics were pretty solid for a game of that age. The sense of progression as you find and unlock new items became a staple in Metroid games going forward, and quite a few other games as well. Overall, this one stands up better than most of the others I've played with since starting Retro Reflections.

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