Bloggin', a few quick hit thoughts in general

So, I've been trying to decide what's a good amount of content to blog or not blog. I've been trying to do no more than 1 a day, but hoping to do at least a post or two a week. I see a wide range of video game blogs from those who post several pieces a day, to those who go with maybe one or two a week at most. What is your preference, out of curiosity? Is it hard to 'keep up' with a blog that's putting out a post or more a day? For example I had my game review and retro review done yesterday - but I scheduled them out to keep things spaced because I don't want to push content too far down before people get a chance to see it. If someone doesn't post regularly, do you quit visiting?

For me, I prefer lots of content - but I have that sidebar in my Blog that shows my most commonly read blogs like Coffee, Little Gamer and 8-bit, so I see when they update.

Also, is there anything in particular you like to see? When I started this blog, I was just doing a review every week or two. Then I started sprinkling in News & Notes. Then I started the Retro Reflections. Now I've been tossing out a bunch of less easily categorized articles. Just curious what people thought of that.

I finally pulled the poll for game systems. It was pretty even with the Wii the overall winner. Replaced it with the gamercard/contacts for myself.

Last 2 thoughts:

Game I'm looking forward to the most right now: Mortal Kombat
Game that recently disappointed me a lot: Fallout - New Vegas
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