Gaming News and Notes from 2-9-11

Let's see what's crept up in the last week in gaming news:

Guitar Hero or True Crime fans? Bad news then - those business teams are being disbanded. End of the line for both it would seem.

Blizzard is notorious for making sure their games are incredibly well-polished prior to release, which no doubt is a big reason for their success. So from a quality standpoint, fans of the company (raises a hand) can appreciate their somewhat slow release time. Those of us hoping to see Diablo 3 this year however may be left a bit disappointed as Blizzard promises two releases before the end of 2012 - but that they may not have any in 2011.

Like Tekken? (hand might as well stay raised from the last paragraph) Then any bits about Tekken Tag Team 2 will be welcome. I recall the first tag team for Playstation 2 - it was awesome. This should be good stuff.

Will there be a Kinect Gears of War -on-rail shooter? Maybe.

Like Infamous? (hand still up). Excited for part 2? (hand still up). Want a $100 hero edition? (hand falls quick). yeah, bit outside my price range, but if you're interested - check here.

LG is suing Sony - and trying to keep PS3's from being sold in the US. Yeesh

Playstation Network got it's update - including Stacking, which has been getting good reviews so far. Oh, you can get it on Xbox live too.

The Darkness was a pretty cool shooter, so hearing that a sequel is in the works is good news.
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